Take a Chance on Me?

Friday 11th August 2017


Take a chance on me-- the ABBA classic! In addition to being a catchy song, it’s a seriously cool thought that gives you a warm feeling. You are privileged if you can name at least one leader who took a chance on you.

Take a moment to ask-- 

Who in your career has taken a chance on you?
  • Was present when others were noticeably absent?
  • Believed in you, even though you did not believe in yourself?
  • Persuaded you to hold your nerve in the face of pressure?
  • Helped you make a difficult decision?
  • Steered you right when you were going wrong?
  • Talked you up when others put you down?
  • Told you the truth when others told you what you wanted to hear?
  • Stood by you when others walked away?
  • Kept you going when you wanted to stop?
  • Gave you the break that changed everything?
Who took a chance on you? 

Let’s name and praise all the leaders who lift others.

-- Mary

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