Walking my Walk

Tuesday 19th December 2017


For 13 years I have operated as an independent consultant trading under Mind Associates. Over the last two years, I have faced significant change and challenges. I have many family, friends and clients who believe I work too hard and question my motivation, my drive and my choices

Truthfully, I am a restless soul, and I will never stop until I reach every goal I have set for myself. I have often said, “I wish I was normal”. I could choose to lower my expectations, set less audacious goals but I choose not to. I accept and cherish that my normal isn’t normal, but it is who I am.

New Opportunities

On LinkedIn, you will see I have taken on a new role as Director of HR and Change Management with IQE, a fabulous company, with headquarters in Cardiff and some very talented individuals and a senior leadership team that I instantly knew I could work with. My role has been to advise Chief Executives, Directors and high potentials move from high potential into high performance, now I get to help a whole company, and I do it from the inside! 

As one director that I have coached said “now you get to do some real work” a cheeky monkey he is, but I know he was just joshing with me. 

That said, there is a saying “those who can do; those who can't, teach. I have to say that I do not believe this, teaching is one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs, getting into the minds and hearts of executives, help them find their dots, join their dots and show them how to use their dots…at speed, this is not easy. 

One of the biggest challenges ahead for all leaders and managers is building leadership capability. I have encountered many companies with “lone ranger” leader and manager styles who rather than coach and build capability they troubleshoot and solve problems in a way that dis-empowers and disables their team’s opportunity to learn. The future demands learning agility and the lone ranger manager/leader is about to fall off the horse!

I am proud to teach, and I have used many teaching styles which have led to me being described as “chicken soup for the soul” “a legend” “a dirty little secret” “a ball-breaker” and most recently “a people ninja.”

To clarify, the “dirty little secret” this descriptor surfaced when two executives got talking and realized they had me in common. I was coaching both of them for leadership roles and neither of them knew.

In IQE, the new role gives me a global platform and a global challenge to craft my very own “high potential high performance" case study. For this, I am grateful to the leadership in IQE for their trust in me and the opportunity.

Digital Delivery

I also continue as a Director in Mind Associates focusing on digital delivery. I will lead my signature online programs, leadership coaching and speaking opportunities. For inquiries, please contact us 

Exciting times ahead



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