The 6 Fundamental Attributes of Resilient People.

Tuesday 3rd October 2017


In the digital world of disruption and relentless change, many companies are struggling to find and retain the right talent and engage and maximise existing talent.

Constant change and pressure can take its toll, over time performance will decrease. Resilience is no longer desirable but essential.

The six fundamental attributes displayed by resilient individuals are:

1. They see the world with a sober acceptance of reality; delusion isn’t an option.

2. When confronted with adversity they find meaning,

3. They have strong values and deep beliefs which guide their decisions,

4. They can improvise and work with what they have got.

5. They know what they can control and what they cannot control

6. They focus on problem-solving longer!

Do you have all six attributes, or are some more developed more than others?

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