Glass Ceilings & What Next...

Thursday 8th February 2018

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One of the most important attributes I see in successful women leaders is that they are sure where they are going.

They have clarity, and that clarity presents itself like effortless ice-skating in an arena, loving your job, working on high profile projects, frequent access to the leadership team, doors are opening, you get promoted.

Then without warning the job you love just isn't quite right, a colleague gets that next big project, the leadership team is less available, doors are shut, and you just miss that next promotion. 

Where did it all go wrong, or did it?

You have reached the "glass ceiling effect" that stage in your career when you get stuck, you get frustrated, you begin to panic, and that career you had mapped out, no longer exists the road just ended.

The clarity you once had is now replaced with confusion. You have four options which are :

1. Ignore the confusion, work harder, and try to break the ceiling.
2. Transfer departments move sideways, any move, better than standing still.
3. Accept your fate, stand still and disengage.
4. Leave, rethink your career and do something different.

If you are one of the many women, who hit the "glass ceiling" What would you do?

Do yourself a favour and jump to option 2 or 4 and don't wait too long. Don't fall for the "You are not ready" yet unless the source is reliable and genuine.

I meet too many "ladies in waiting" who hope things will change. Be careful you don't fall into the thinking trap of having invested so much you cannot leave, so you wait. Waiting destroys the ambitious woman.

In my experience and what I advise every woman I coach, "drive your own bus, do not let others put water on your fire. Above all trust your gut."

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