Customized Training

Your organization is unique. With that comes challenges that need individualized solutions.

Challenges Facing Leaders

Organizations across all sectors are learning that they must find new ways to operate. Rapidly developing technology is driving the way we communicate, access information, and do business. The skill sets necessary to stay competitive in the digital world are evolving. We must embrace innovative approaches to communication, leadership, and team development.

Today’s leader must find and retain creative, responsive, and skilled talent. Mind Associates works to build leadership capability from within organizations. Our 20 years experience and trusted relationships with clients allow us the insight to design and deliver customized development programs.

We offer customized programs in three business areas: Leadership, Building High-Performance Teams, and Building Empowering Relationships.

Client Engagement Process


Establish Business Need

We meet with you to establish your unique needs and challenges.


Agree Leadership Criteria

We agree on expected outcomes and the criteria for success.


Develop Solution

We develop solutions for your specific needs and desired outcomes.



We implement our specialized programs to help you succeed.



We review the outcomes with you against established criteria for success.


We are passionate about helping people reach their full potential. We have coached CEO’s, physicians, lawyers, government employees, and politicians.

We specialize in customized coaching around emotional intelligence, thinking agility, mental toughness, culture change, and leading dynamic teams.

Recent projects include:

  • Working with leaders to shape their authentic leadership style
  • Developing specific leadership and communication skills with individuals
  • Working with Human Resources to increase the number of women in leadership roles
  • Collaborating with Human Resources to design and implement diversity and culture change programs

Building High-Performance Teams

Leading and managing global and diverse teams is standard in today’s highly-connected business world. To engage and drive teams made up of a great diversity of thinking, nationality, and generation is no small feat.

We are licensed master facilitators here to guide you through programs designed to embrace diversity and creative contention, delivering outstanding performance results built to capitalize on each team’s unique potential.

We specialize in organizational culture change, personal behavior modification, conflict resolution, collegial interpersonal relationships, and core value and behavior statements.

Recent projects include:

  • Driving and supporting organization-wide culture change programs
  • Facilitating newly-formed teams to develop positive values and behaviors
  • Working with teams and individuals to improve interpersonal relations and resolve conflict
  • Developing team leaders through personal coaching

Building Empowering Relationships

Collaboration is key to effective leadership. Today’s leader must be skilled in collaborative decision-making, building trust, getting cooperation, and resolving conflict.

Recent projects include:

  • Helping leaders and managers understand and utilize different mindsets
  • Working with Human Resources to help develop a culture of teamwork
  • Increasing leadership influence to build client relationships and proactively manage stakeholders
  • Helping leaders navigate organizational politics and effectively collaborate

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We work in close collaboration with each of our clients to design custom programs specified to meet each organization’s unique requirements.

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