Leadership Coaching

Mind Associates works with CEOs, executive directors, women leaders and high potentials providing leadership coaching.

Leadership Coaching

The call for leadership is greater than ever.

Together, we work to:

  • Develop your visibility and credibility for the C-Suite
  • Map out your career goals and plan how to execute them
  • Outperform the competition at interviews
  • Overcome mental blocks to success
  • Develop the resilience to manage conflict, change, and stress
  • Build confidence and passion for leadership

Our mission is to help you achieve goals faster than you could alone. Change is difficult. With over 20 years experience, we have the insight and experience to see you through times of growth and transition

Choosing the Right Coach

The right leadership coach can quickly propel you forward in your career. We have put together a nine point checklist to ensure you find the right coach. Choose a leadership coach who has:



Positive results



Successful outcomes



Able to compel progress


Intuitive Insight

Perceptive and empathetic



Able to connect and motivate



Skills and experience



Straight-talking and forward-thinking



Credible and trustworthy



Responsive to your needs

Professional and personal fulfillment and goal achievement are all possible with the right guidance.

Meet Your Coach

Mary Keightley is a co-founder and partner of Mind Associates. Mary is an international speaker, trainer, and coach.

She is passionate about learning and development. Mary works with boards, leadership teams, and individual chief executive officers, directors, and senior managers.

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  • “The online coaching with Mary was excellent. I was able to relax in my own home while going through a coaching session. I felt that the online coaching has given me the help I need and I was able to access this help in my own time.”

    - Grainne OKane, HR manager, First Source, Northern Ireland

  • “Mary is just amazing. From our first meeting, Mary left a lasting impression on me. She knows her field inside-out and it shows in the dedication, passion, and commitment to her clients. I will always be inspired by Mary and her way of thinking. She is ultra-professional and a tremendous influence on my personal development. I would recommend Mary as a coach in a heartbeat.”

    - Diane Nixon, Nixon Financial Partner, Northern Ireland.

  • “I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mary to anyone looking to challenge and change corporate and individual thinking. Just watch out for her Jedi-like intuition-- she may know what you're thinking before you do!”

    - Duncan Farley, Head of Business Transformation, Ancoris Ltd, UK

Choose to lead.

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