Mary has delivered keynote speeches and talks in the UK, the US, Europe, and Asia. She connects, inspires, and entertains audiences. Her sessions include humor, challenging and insightful messages, and audience involvement. Audiences leave with new enthusiasm and a clear focus on what action needs to take place in order to change and improve. Mary has a particular interest in leadership behavior, gender intelligence, emotional intelligence, and mental toughness for women in leadership.

Persist: Mental Toughness for Women

Once reserved for world-class athletes, the dynamic tools of mental toughness are now being used by thought-leaders from diverse backgrounds to propel their work forward.

We offer a unique approach to mental toughness for women through our Persist program. This talk is a window into that program and offers concrete advice on how to harness ambition, flexibility, and resilience. Enhance your credibility and influence. Learn to lead firmly and authentically. Let us show you how.

Thinking Agility in Leadership

Agile thinking is one of the keys to outstanding leadership. Diversity of thought creates a pathway for collaboration that produces exciting results. 

Understanding that different people come with different mindsets is an integral part of leadership. This talk will show you how to analyze your thought process, optimize your thinking, and increase both your agility and your effectiveness.

Power of Optimism

There is opportunity everywhere. Only an individual with a positive mindset can tap into this abundance of opportunity and room for growth.

Unshakeable self-belief and a will to succeed are essential tools for leadership. In this talk, learn how to tap into your inner optimist. We also explore how to bring out positive thinking in your team, allowing you to motivate those around you and reap the benefits of performance fueled by positivity.

Language of Influence

We live in an era of unprecedented connection and collaboration. Leaders require sophisticated skills to influence others effectively.

Technology enables a global reach, instant connection, and visibility. Your ability to reach both your customer and your team is dependent on how well you connect. In this talk, learn how to use the skills of connection, emotional motivation, and influence to further your reach with your team, your customers, and the world beyond.

Women of Influence

This talk delves into the language of authority, both physical and linguistic, used by successful women.

Learn what social science research reveals about the ways in which language affects your psychology, in addition to influencing how others perceive you. Embrace your unique voice and your authentic style of leadership. We are here to guide you.


“Mary has both the strategic business awareness combined with knowledge of the personal qualities and mindset required to succeed. Her presentation style means that even when you're in quite a large workshop, Mary seems to be talking to you personally. She connected with the audience and made a lasting impression. Highly recommended.”

Derek McHugh

Chartered Engineer, Elite Engineering, Ireland

“Mary is one of the most engaging speakers and presenters with whom I have had the good fortune to work. A wealth of experience gives her a fantastic insight into how people tick. The engaging and entertaining way in which she interacts with her audience in helping them understand the content of her presentations is excellent.”

Nick Roach

Pharmaceutical Industry, United Kingdom

“Mary is a very intuitive and creative individual who has the capacity and skills to bring both individuals and groups along a journey. She is insightful and supportive when dealing with complex issues. The response to Mary from our delegates was superb. They, in many cases, stated that the facilitation given by Mary was critical to making the day a huge success.”

Mike Blackburn

BT, United Kingdom

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